Security doors provide important benefits in a property, both functional and aesthetic. In addition to resistance to forced entry – a critical and principal characteristic – ensuring an appearance, both internally and externally, to blend in with the style of the building is another key feature.

Security Door Sets

KSDW is the sole distributor in the UK for specialist Italian manufacturer, Torterolo & Re (T&R), a leading manufacturer in this field since 1964.

T&R is a high-quality supplier with global reach and growing markets in many countries including China, France, Japan, Korea, Russia, Scandinavia, Taiwan, Turkey and the USA.. Other markets are developing quickly are in Africa and the Middle East.

T&R security door sets have been extensively tested in international laboratories in the UK, in mainland Europe and the Far East. All manufacturing operations, which include state-of –the art, automated, high tech processes follow ISO 9001 and further rigour is provided by ISO 14001 certification. In all markets, products are sold with CE marking.

Core technology platforms demonstrate Italian engineering, design and style at their very best; as well as security doors (single and double) the product range includes entrances (with top lights and side panels), secure glazed and fire rated doors. Arched forms are also available.

All security door sets, once installed, are designed to blend in with their surroundings…the choice of panels on either side of the door leaf is therefore critical in the design and specification of each unit, and the choice of panels is, quite literally, vast!

Security Standards

All security door sets in the portfolio have been tested and accredited to meet demanding security standards, primarily to BS EN 1627 RC3 and RC4. This standard is recognised throughout Europe as a testing for a range of security equipment.

In addition, an increasing number of products have achieved to LPS 1175, an onerous British standard that is recognised by the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) and it is because of this accreditation that we have Secured by Design.

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