Armoured Residential Security Doors

All of our security door sets have been tested and accredited to meet demanding security standards, before being finished with a highly customisable finish to blend with any style.

Home Security Door - Gold Plus Series


Gold Plus Series

The maximum anti-burglary performance security door with high safety standards locks.

The Gold Plus Series doors also provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation for a luxurious high end residential entrance door.

Armoured Security Doors - Gold Series


Gold Series

For residential doors the Gold Series provide impressive security and functionality as well as maintaining an attractive aesthetic.

They also feature excellent acoustic protection and thermal transmittance, detailed below. The Gold Series are ideal as apartment doors.

Armoured Security Doors - Gold Series
Home Security Door - Gold Plus Series


Fire Rated Series

Protection series products have either 30 or 60-minute fire ratings, in addition to the BS EN 1627 RC3 and LPS 1175 SR2 security certification.

These doors can be styled with a wide range of panels and are ideal as apartment doors where a fire rating is required by building regulations.

Armoured French Doors


Armoured Glazed Systems

After years of enquiries, we have now introduced our minimal stile French door product.

With the Torterolo&Re galvanised steel mini- carcass which contains the locking channel and additional security features, we can created stiles that are 10cm wide to include for the timber cladding.

Armoured French Doors