Fire Rated

Security Doors

Our Fire Rated security doors offer either 30 or 60 minute protection as well as excellent burglar defence with high thermal and acoustic insulation performance. These doors can be styled with a wide range of panels and are ideal as apartment doors, where a fire rating is required by building regulations.

Class 3 Burglar Resistance

ENV 1627

Standard Acoustic Insulation

Rw 41 dB

Thermal Transmittance

Ud = 1.5 W/m² K


Bespoke Residential Security Doors

Protection 30

30 Minute Fire-Rated Protection

Wood Residential Security Doors

Protection 60

60 Minute Fire-Rated Protection

commercial fire rated doors

Commercial Door Sets

Fire-rated doors for commercial applications, come with a variety of different designs and features to our residential doors.

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