Secondary Glazing

Secure Windows

Often the most vulnerable parts of a building are its windows, especially in Listed buildings with original single glazed frames.

With advanced security secondary glazed systems, windows can now be retrofitted with discreet units in a range of designs providing varying levels of security.

KSDW Secondary Glazing Secure Window Glass install

Secure Secondary Windows

Our sash windows are manufactured with a fully certified test certificate up to 1400 x 2200mm, one of the largest available from any manufacturer.

With a reinforced construction featuring anti-rattle meeting stiles and security enhanced fasteners, sash stops and top rail chimney blocks, they provide a secure solution for many character homes.

Secure secondary windows are available in a range of styles

  • Sliding sash
  • Hinged casement
  • Horizontal sliding
  • Demountable fixed

All systems are made from aluminium extrusions and glazed with a range of laminated glass or glass polycarbonate composites for more challenging security needs. Opening units are fitted with secure locks and selected fixings anchor the frames into the building’s fabric. In some instances this will require reinforcement of the reveal structure. The aluminium frames have a permanent paint finish that can be colour matched to compliment or match the existing décor.

PAS24 Security Defence

An initial level of intruder security is provided by products successfully tested to the security requirements of PAS 24:2016 and awarded Police Preferred Specification under the Secured By Design initiative. Tests under this standard simulate a forced entry using both static loading and manual manipulation with a simple tool set. It does not involve breaking the glass and therefore replicates a stealth attack on windows deemed at risk. The inclusion of a laminated glass will act as a deterrent if the intruder does attempt to break the glass.

Additional Levels of Security

When additional levels of security are needed products approved to Loss Prevention standard LPS 1175 at levels SR1, SR2 or SR3 are much more appropriate. This more rigorous standard involves rigorous attacks on the frame and glass with both time and the severity of the tool selection increasing as the level increases. SR2 or SR3 products provide the same level of protection as heavy duty bars and grilles.