Linx Light

Security Door

  • Electronic Motorised lock
  • 20/10 steel frame
  • 10/10 external galvanised steel sheet
  • Vertical internal strengtheners

Linx Light Locking System

The Linx Light security door features a motorised locking system which can be operated by a transponder card or button. The system is fully automatic and the bolts and the latch bolt retract on the coded signal.

The door is quick and easy to install and no mains power is required. Battery operation is guaranteed for over 15,000 cycles. There is the option to connect mains power if the door is used very frequently.


  • Powered by battery (or optionally by electric mains)
  • “Smart” Euro profile cylinder for emergency opening
  • Lock protection plate in anti-drill steel
  • Double top and bottom bolts with vertical top bolt
  • Anti-extraction and anti-drill cylinder protection device
  • 3 transponder cards
  • Can be remote controlled
Linx Light Residential Security Door
solid wood panels for residential security doors

Panels & Design

We have a wide range of finishing options for our doors including materials, colours and designs. We can also create completely bespoke panels to match your design or an existing set of doors.