Gold Plus Series – Certified to BS EN 1627 RC4

The Gold Plus Series is unrivaled: it provides the highest level of burglary resistance performance with high security standards that include an outstanding high security multi-point locking system; in addition standards of thermal and acoustic insulation are significant.

Security /Anti-burglary

Glazed versions, with fan light or double doors

  • Class 4 ENV 1627
  • Class 3 ENV 1627

Acoustic Protection

Depending on the kit specified

  • Rw 37 to 42 dB

Thermal Transmittance

As a function of the frame and surrounds and the type of panel / coating

  • U = 1,8 to 1,5 W/m²K

Gold Plus Series Security Door Sets

Arguably the security door set of choice for external secure residential doors with no requirement for glazing in the door leaf, options include single and double cylinder mechanical locking, motorised locking (with the option for connection to all kinds of access and house control systems)) and a patented touch screen variant (“X-touch”). All these versions have the following key features to provide real strength and the individual design features that discerning customers demand.

The range includes:

TR 400 – a single key controls the entire multi-point locking system

TR 601 – this version has a twin cylinder lock – the secondary lock can block the primary, providing an additional layer of security and added flexibility

Linx – a motorised / electronic lock is fundamental to all variants of the Linx. There are many ways of operating this lock, from a simple battery operation to different hardwired variants, connection to a range of access and house control systems or secure integration with Bluetooth and a smart ‘phone

X-Touch – these doors also have motorised / electronic locking and in addition there is patented touch screen technology to control the software of the door via a discrete screen on the inside leaf of the door above the handle on the closing side

Explore the Gold Plus Series range

  • Torterolo & Re Security Door TR400
    TR 400
  • Torterolo & Re Security Door Linx
  • X-Touch
  • Torterolo & Re Security Door TR601
    TR 601
  • Torterolo & Re Security Door TR607
    TR 607

Security and comfort, thermal and acoustic performance to the highest standards.

Gold Plus series are available as:

  • Single or double doors, including “leaf and a half”
  • Opening internally (“push”) or externally (“pull”)

Suitable for structural openings up to 2600 (height) and 1300 (width)

Key features include:

  • Double adjustable, insulated steel frame
  • Adjustable welded hinges
  • Door leaf with double steel sheet with omega manganese steel stiffeners
  • High security multi-point locking system on closing side
  • Dog bolts in hinge side


  • All versions are available, if required, as arched door sets.
  • Impressive acoustic and thermal insulation performances are available:
    • To Rw 42 dB (acoustic)
    • To U = 1.5 W / m²K
  • A wide range of panels is available:
    • Traditional to contemporary
    • Standard to bespoke

  1. Internal steel sheet
  2. Insulation
  3. Dog bolts
  4. Wide angled door view
  5. Internal panel
  6. Vertical cut resistant strengthener
  7. Adjustable hinges
  8. Internal panel keeper
  9. Door gasket (seal)
  10. External steel sheet
  11. External panel
  12. Panel keeper (door leaf edges)
  13. Main frame
  14. Subframe
  15. Anchors / fixings
  16. Double locking bolts
  17. Opening limiter
  18. Lock protection plate
  19. Security lock
  20. Adjustable drop seal / draught excluder