Bespoke Security Doors

KSDW provides a completely bespoke design service for our residential security doors. Based on the internal steel and locking systems of doors in the Gold Series & Gold Plus Series, we can create any design to match existing doors, or something new.

Contact us to speak with a consultant about your bespoke options.

bespoke security door type

Door Type

We can help you select the locking system and type of security you require for your door.

bespoke security door panels

Panel Material & Design

The look and style of your door can be completely customised for internal or external use.

custom features security doors

Custom Features

Including door sizes, locking mechanisms, electronic options and finishing designs.

Bespoke Security Door Design Project

Bespoke Door Case Study


High Security

A 20/10 steel frame with a galvanised steel sheet and internal cut-resistant steel.


TR 400 Gold Plus Locking System

A cyclinder security look with an anti-extraction device and anti-drill steel. Double top and bottom bolts with vertical top lock. One key to operate.


Solid Wood Panels

Custom designed painted oak finish, including matching door frame.


Brass Knobs & Keypad

To compliment the style of the door.


Electronic Entry

Fitted with a keypad as well as a biometric fingerprint reader for automated unlocking.