Security Bollards

Additional Security

Automatic and manual lift high security rising bollards, designed and engineered to secure and protect your vehicles and buildings.

Client discretion is an imperative so we also work with carefully chosen installers bound by confidentiality agreements.

No project is complete until we have signed it off to ensure it meets the national compliance standards.

Security bollard | KSDW London
Security bollard installation | KSDW London

Telescopic Bollards

Our complete range of retractable bollards, brought together to offer you all levels of security to provide a long term solution to safeguard vehicles & property, protect buildings and control perimeters whilst providing flexible access control at the point of installation.

Take care when choosing to ensure you have the right telescopic bollard for the job. We offer pad-lockable telescopic posts for low-level security, high-security telescopic bollards for driveway security and access control applications, and heavy-duty or lift-assisted telescopic bollards for projects that require more substantial anti-ram raid protection.

For maximum security, peace of mind and protection, all of the telescopic high-security, anti-ram and lift assist bollards within our range are inserted with the ‘Award Winning’ 10pin anti-drill push-button top locks as standard.

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fixed security bollards KSDW

Fixed Bollards

Our static steel bollards come in a variety of designs and specifications for any pedestrain and traffic application.

automatic security rising bollards
automatic rising bollards London installation KSDW

Automatic Rising Bollards

All our electro-mechanical and hydraulic automatic rising bollards are supplied with the essential Perso CBD control panel and 2 hand-held remote controls. Also available remote opening with smartphone GSM module (dial to open).

We are proud to offer in our range a PAS 68 crash rated automatic rising bollards, certified to the IWA 14 -1 international safety standard, designed and engineered to protect crowded public spaces and sensitive sites against the threat of vehicle terrorism.


Our fully equipped and insured professional installation teams have over 10 years experience in all aspects of bollard and barrier installation, so you won’t have to worry about whether your product has been installed correctly. We will take care of every aspect of the installation including excavation and reinstating pavement.