About Us

Kensington Security Doors & Windows is an owner-operated company, specifying, designing and installing doors and windows, as well as high-end security products. We are also the sole UK distributor of Torterolo & Re security doors.

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Our Company

Kensington Security Doors & Windows has an experienced team of security personnel and we work closely with interior designers, architects and security consultants to fit our security products into residential and commercial properties. We have worked at some of the most prestigious addresses in the United Kingdom which include apartments, houses, listed buildings and diplomatic premises/embassies.

Our bespoke design service also allows us to work with listed buildings and original entrance door restoration.

Client discretion is an imperative so we also work with carefully chosen installers bound by confidentiality agreements. No project is complete until we have signed it off to ensure it meets the national compliance standards.

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Torterolo & Re

Torterolo & Re has been a leading manufacturer of security door sets for almost 50 years. The company has two large manufacturing plants in Northern Italy and has a continuing programme of research, innovation and product development. Since 2000, Torterolo & Re have collaborated with Pininfarina in the design of its high security doors; it is the only supplier of bespoke security door sets working with Pininfarina.

Our two companies have a great mutual respect for each other; we recognise their products to be the best and ensure their inherent qualities are faultlessly installed.

Our Products

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Prestige Entrance Doors

We design, specify and install a range of high security residential doors which are both attactive & functional and customisable to match your property.

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Security Windows

KSDW has been instrumental in the development of a range of secure frames and glass, made to match and replace your existing windows.

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Commercial Security Doors

We work with physical security for a range of commercial applications including certified steel, flood defence, fire-rated and ventilated doors.

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Additional Security

KSDW specialises in many complementary products to your home security, including, smart locks, security mesh, safes and shutters.