Case Study

Glass Panels next to Front Door: Smashed to gain entry

forced entry front door broken glass

This photograph from one of our clients demonstrates the security risk of standard glass panels adjacent to your front door. An intruder is able to quickly and quietly smash a hole in the glass big enough to fit their hand through. This gives them access to the inside handle to open the door.

Improve Your Security

Security doors and security windows greatly improve your home security by adding more layers of protection.

Firstly the glass in our security door panels and the glass in our secure windows can be produced to withstand a range of security threats from burglars with advanced tools to demolition blasts. All security glass will eventually be breakable but an intruder will not waste time and make unnecessary noise on good security glass.

Our specialised security doors can also be fitted with a number of extra security measures, meaning a burglar could not simply open the door by releasing the latch. These range from advanced locking systems to biometric readers. All of our doors are also reinforced with a steel core to provide an excellent level of protection against breaking them down.

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