Kensington Security Doors

High Security Doors Controlled Electronically

Security doors provide important benefits in a property, both functional and aesthetic. In addition to resistance to forced entry – a critical and principal characteristic – ensuring an appearance, both internally and externally, to blend in with the style of the building is another key feature. The right levels of thermal and acoustic insulation and also suitable weather resistance must also be specified. The final choice of security door will take account of all these factors.

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Kensington Security Doors Sets are specially manufactured to replace any kind of door inside or outside the building. We have a limited number of standard size doors but most are made to replace doors of exceptional character: single and double doors, doors-and-a half, doors with built-in windows or surrounded by windows including fan lights. The type of glass depends on the degree of protection you require (see Technical info).

The doors can be made to match any architectural style: Classic and Tudor, all the way to contemporary and modern. We even have doors designed by Pininfarina. Come and visit our demonstration room at The Depot, 2 Michael Road, London SW6 2AD.

Many of the door and/or window sets we have supplied are to properties listed by English Heritage. We have a reputation of producing such high quality replacement security door and window sets that have resulted in many listed planning applications being successfully approved.