Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are all your doors steel?

Doors are made of steel plates sandwiching a sound deadening fibre. The locks and cylinders have special security features. These doors are dressed on the outer sides by facias of wood or other materials to blend with the architectural ambience.

The doors are mounted on robust steel frames that are built into the fabric of the building.

2. Does a glass panel compromise the security of the door?

A range of security glazing is available from anti-bandit to anti-ballistic

3. Why don’t intruders get in through a window?

Windows are usually alarmed and the intruder cannot see the type of system installed. If the alarm sounds, the intruder must find and neutralise the alarm control box which takes time. Also, it is difficult to make a quick getaway and manoeuvre large items through a window. For these, and other reasons, 80% of forced entries are through a main door.

4. Can I keep our existing wooden window or door frame?

An essential part of the security in both doors and windows is the frame. The existing frame would be removed and replaced by a hand-fitted secure surround specially reinforced with steel to fit the space. When finished, it would be entirely in keeping with the style of your choice.

5. Are the doors fire proof?

Doors can be fire resistant for 60 minutes. If you need fire proof doors, we can have them specially made. Please call for further information.

6. Do the doors have a safety latch?

A safety latch (door limiter) is integral to all our doors. It allows the door to open just 10mm. This can be useful if a door needs to be opened to someone who is unfamiliar.

7. Do the doors have a spy hole?

Usually, but this is an option. It is best to specify this before the door is made for you. (Doors with security glazing would not need this.)

8. Can the door work with an intercom system?

Yes, very much so. We can offer you a lock with a latch bolt on an electronic catch release so you can buzz someone in or alternatively a fully automated motorised lock that operates at the touch of a button or with other access controls is available. See our video.

9. Do you fit the doors or windows?

Our doors and windows are fitted by experienced specialists. They are carefully vetted by us for their technical skills and are bound by confidentiality agreements.

10. How many locks do your high security doors need?

Only one lock is required. It is precision engineered to engage and double lock several high tensile steel locking bolts into the steel door frame. The mechanism is almost silent and so smooth that even a child can turn the unlocking key without effort. We can also install a second (privacy) lock that allows you to deadlock the main lock; this makes it impossible for anyone else to open the door even with the key for the primary cylinder.

11. My door is not a standard size, does make a difference?

All our doors and windows are made to measure. They can be ordered as a single, double or door and a half. Additionally we also supply side and overhead panels (either solid or glazed) without compromising your security.

12. I live in a listed building, can your windows comply?

This is a familiar problem. Because we make each window to your precise specifications, the look of the new windows will blend in perfectly with whatever style is required. We have complied with the stringent compliances required by English Heritage. Doors, too, can be styled to meet the requirements of planners and conservation bodies.

13. Do you need to survey the property?

A detailed survey is needed to get the necessary dimensions and to ensure the surrounding aperture is robust enough to hold the door or windows if they are subject to sustained assault. The need for a thorough survey, to cover all requirements cannot be overstated. Following the survey drawings are produced for customer approval.

14. What happens if I lock myself out having lost my key?

The short answer is never let this happen! For safety, you can lodge a spare key with a company who will look after it and deliver it to you while you wait. Alternatively, leave the key with a trusted friend or relation who lives nearby.

15. Are there different kinds of keys?

Yes! Apart from the standard cylinders that open the lock with a key, there are electronic locks, digital locks, and even biometric locks that are sensitive to your retina or fingerprint. The choice is wide.

16. What is the delivery time?

Much depends on the specification but you should allow 10-12 weeks for delivery.

17. Do you have a showroom?

Yes, we have a showroom in Fulham, just off the King’s Road, at:
The Depot,
2 Michael Road,
SW6 1AD.

Please call Malcolm 020 7183 1429 for an appointment or Contact us.